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Addictions only takes life, It never gives anything but pain.    Dr. Bill Singer

  • There is hope !


    Don't let addictions take away what is important in your life !



    I have a unique and effect way to work with all addictions. I have found that all addictions have to do with changes in the brain. To treat any addiction, the brain must be given an opportunity to be set free from the connection to what it is fixated on. 


    Contact me to set up a time to look at what is the best way for you or your loved one to be set free from addiction. If you are looking for pornography help in Orlando and Miami you want to make sure you get it from a Doctor who is licensed and who is a CAP.




    I have attached a link below to my blog that provides a great deal of information of sexual addiction, in particular pornography. I believe it will help you to better understand how to break free if you are involved in pornography and what you are up against if you are a family member of an addict!



                                             Here is the link







    An encouraging  word  from  Dr. Bill


    I have seen many forms of addiction and I have helped hundreds of people find a way to have the best life they can. I would welcome the opportunity to help you! No matter who you decide to get help from, I would encourage you to never, never give up!




    Call me ( Dr. Bill Singer ) and benefit from by 20 years of experience providing sex addiction counseling orlando and sex addiction treatment in orlando, helping my clients and their families to overcome sex addiction in orlando, Winter Park, celebration, Iselworth, Bayhill, Dr Phillips, Windermere, Metro West, Kissimmee and online.


    I can be reached 7 days a week at 407-496-9475 and by email at succeed@yourfuture.cc


    Do it now ! You will be glad you did !

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