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Couples/Marriage Counseling can help you in ways that you will never know unless you try it. Some decisions that you make can make all the difference. This is one on them!


Recently voted one of top three best marriage counselors in Orlando!





Do you really want to find out what is going on in your marriage or relationship? Let me help you have the relationship you always wanted.



Through couples and marriage counseling in Orlando you can change your relationship for the better or find out if you have done all that you can!





We saw Dr. Bill for one 2 hour marriage session and what a difference it made in our relationship. After the session we drove around and we really talked for the first time in years! It was clear that we were going to make it now. We know we need to keep focused on our relationship and we have learned to cherish each day we have with one another. Thanks again Dr. Bill, you will always hold a special place in our family.



    -  Tami and James



What do you have to lose?


The real question is what do you do to maximize the positives, & manage the differences. We both know that not being exactly the same can be a good thing!


Let's get right down to it. Life is not getting easier and is for most a whole lot more stressful. This puts a lot more pressure on your relationship. This may create anger, frustration and many relationships struggle. One or both partners may get caught up in power and control issues due to this additional life stress and pressure. The conversation can turn to past hurts; I mean all those times when either party did not get their needs met. You know the "past" that never can be forgotten or forgiven. That makes the present not really new but like the past. I mean, have you ever seen how one small drop of food coloring can change the color a large bowl of otherwise clear, clean water. Yes, bringing the unresolved past into the present can contaminate the future every time!  



Dedicated, Experienced, and Nationally Certified.

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Please read this before you make any life changing decisions.


A personal invitation from Dr. Bill


If you are going to have a relationship filled with love, it is going to take some work on everyone’s part. That’s where I come in. As a marriage Orlando marriage counselor at Orlando marriage counseling I can help you get past what is holding you back from having the relationship you always wanted. I provide both individual and couples sessions with or without State of the Art Life-Enhancement Brain Training ( Neurofeedback ). I also provide a stress-reducing infrared massage bed and alkaline water to help detoxify and distress both minds and bodies. This unique combination with marriage counseling brings about lasting positive changes in both my clients and their relationships.

Let me invite you to contact me as many couples have over the years, to join you and your partner in what could be the most important decision you will ever make. The decision to turn your relationship around by seeing a couples counselors at Orlando marriage counseling Orlando!

Please accept my personal invitation to come visit our beautiful counseling offices in Orlando where you may participate in individual, couples counseling, Neurofeedback and life/executive coaching that will help you become less stressed, healthier and more able to cope with life's challenges. Our doors are conveniently located for individuals in Central Florida and many services are available for people in National / International cities around the world by telephone and online.



Warm Regards,

Marriage Counseling in Orlando by Dr. Bill Singer




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